My Articles

I have written several articles for the website This page is a list of those articles along with links.

  1. How to See What DLL Files are used by Programs
  2. How to Perform Well in a Job Interview
  3. How to Present Yourself Well to Consulting Clients
  4. How to use WMI To Get Information About Remote Computers
  5. How to Write a Simple Program in Ruby
  6. How to Get User Input in Ruby
  7. How to Use WMI to See What Programs Run When Your Computer Starts Up
  8. How to Write Contracts as a Software Consultant
  9. How to Get Paid as a Freelance Software Consultant
  10. How to join tables in a SQL query
  11. How to Get People to Like You
  12. How to Sort an Array in Python
  13. How to Compare Strings in Ruby
  14. How to Use Arrays in Ruby
  15. How to Use WMI To Get Information about Your Computer
  16. How to Keep Clients Happy as a Software Consultant
  17. How to Work with Clients to Install Programs as a Software Consultant
  18. How to Work With Clients as a Software Consultant

I also have a rather lengthy article on Google’s Knol project regarding writing customized controls for C# Windows Forms.

  1. Creating Custom Controls With C#.Net

Dave Andrews is a software developer for a large business services consulting firm in Nashville, Tennessee.

He specializes in Microsoft Dot Net Framework development, PHP, Python. He also works in the field of data warehouse development with Microsoft SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS.

He can be reached via email at support [at] daveandrews [dot] org.