This CSS/HTML Stuff Is Getting Ridiculous

by Dave Andrews

So, I just put a new theme on my site, called Manifest. I really like it. I modified it a little bit just to make the main column in the center wider.

I know it was designed to be simple, but I may put a background image or something on it as well.

So I was delving into this thing to make that small change, and it took me a while to figure out where in the CSS the width of the column was being set. By a while, I meant about 3 minutes. I just used the View CSS Information option in Firefox to find the section I needed to change.

But it got me thinking about the ridiculous lengths people are going to with their CSS code for the sole purpose of keeping the output HTML clean. There are over 1,000 lines in the CSS file for this theme. Again, don’t get me wrong, I think this theme is fantastic. But aren’t we going a little crazy with our CSS themes? Isn’t there a point where its easier to just drop things into a table?